5.7 Sjuntorp Coralboom

Adapted to prevent the spread of the algae, seaweed, jellyfish that can limit the use of our water

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Adapted to limit the spread of algae and other aquatic organisms

Sjuntorps Coralboom is designed to limit the spread of especially algae, seaweed and jellyfish, but it can also be used to guide the fish that migrate upstream and downstream past the hydropower plant on the rivers and lakes. Coralboom can be installed permanently or temporary shielding and can easily be connected to the desired length.
Coralboom made for your purpose and requirements, if the purpose is to limit the spread of the algae, it is important that the depth screen extends down to about 3 meters deep where algae organisms do not thrive, and rarely goes under. Is the aim that it will guide the fish, we adjust manufacturing and builds into a durable network.
Regardless of the model, floats surrounded by a durable PVC coated fabric that makes the resistance sharply to oils, chemicals, hydrocarbons, organic foams, and all weather conditions.