Containment Booms

Containment Booms are designed for permanent or temporary shielding to prevent spread of petroleum liquids, plastic garbage or contain other floating objects.

2.1 Containment Boom 530

Flexible portable fenceboom ideal for containment of oil spill in calmer water in harbors, lakes and rivers.

49.95 EUR

2.2 Containment Boom 1030

Robust boom with simple construction for containment in harsher climates, offshore or inshore.

72.95 EUR

2.3 Containment Boom C500

Flexible cylindrical boom with excellent wave properties well suited for containment in harbors, rivers and lakes.

58.20 EUR

2.4 Containment Boom C800

Large robust cylindrical boom with excellent wave properties well suited for permanent usage in all weather conditions

61.50 EUR

2.5 Universal Boom SoSorb

Reusable portable skirt to attach to absorption booms for containment and absorption in all weathers.

29.95 EUR

2.6 Oil Boom Reels

Oil containment boom reels improve management of flat oilbooms when deploy, retrieve and store longer lengths.

5.7 Sjuntorp Coralboom

Adapted to prevent the spread of the algae, seaweed, jellyfish that can limit the use of our water

5.5 Sjuntorp SoProtect

Durable embankment flood protection to prevent fire extinguishing water reaching undesired sites. Customized according to customer requirements.

5.6 Double Chamber Tube

The easy dual chamber tub is a modern and simple barrier against unwanted liquid flows on land.