About Us

When an oil spill occurs, every minute is vital in order to minimize the extent of the damage. It takes nature many years to recover, and the consequences for the company and the brand that caused the oil spill can be enormous.

SOAB are a reliable and flexible company that helps international customers and cooperative partners to find effective and affordable oil spill  solutions, either with our standard products or by customizing a solution suited for the purpose and situation.
Since 1972, we have equipped coast guards, rescue services, marinas, manufactures and decontamination companies with hundreds of thousands of metres of our quality and affordable absorption booms and other products from our selection.

Our Business

Our business consist of develop and manufacture dependable oil spill solutions, that help our customers and partners to solve their oil spill response operations in a efficient and affordable way.

Partners and customers

In order to be able to devise the best solutions, and to continuously improve products it is important to work with demanding customers and partners that have vast knowledge of the oil spill operations. Our years of experience has given us the opportunity to work with many various international companies, municipalities, and government agencies, and with their continuous feedback through close consultation help perfect our products. Since the beginning of the 1980 we have supplied the Swedish Coast Guard with hundreds of thousand meters of our Absorbent Boom SoSorb CO185 and SoSorb PP200, who together with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society constantly fight for a sustainable marine environment.

In oil spill accidents near land, in harbors, lakes and rivers we supply many of the Swedish rescue service and spill response companies with our products to use to contain and clean up the oil spill. These companies often are working to minimize the extent of an existing accident, or leading the recover efforts.  We have also many customers that work pro-actively with their spill response readiness, such as Nynas, Holmen, NCC, PEAB and Statoil. Their precautions minimize the risk for an eventual oil leak to damage the nature.

Our history

SOAB was born from the textile company Sjuntorp AB in 1972 and has been a leading manufacturer of absorbent products for oil since the early 1980’s. During the latter part of the 2000s, the company made major investments to develop its product range by manufacturing reliable chemical and oil protection solutions that are both efficient and economical for their customers and partners as they work to prevent, protect, and in the worst case fix damages if the accident occurs.