6.2 Sjuntorp Environment Curtain Plus

Durable protection for dredging and excavation, as well as resistant to oil

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Efficient and powerful protection for the dissemination of muddy water and oil.

At dredging and other ground works in harbors, lakes and seas are today demanding that enclose the work area to prevent the spread of muddy water that may contain toxic substances, as well as prevent the spread of any oil-based fluids that may occur in the workplace.
Sjuntorps environment curtain SoSilt Plus helps to curb the muddy water with a depth textile cloth that filters the water masses, and stop the oil on the water surface. The oil-based fluids are stopped with a PVC treated polysterväv making environment curtain resistance greatly to oils, chemicals, hydrocarbons and all weather conditions. SoSilt Plus has a simple and robust design, it can quickly be linked to length and anchored using any of several built-in attachment points.
easy handling
Even at large supplies are easy to ship and assemble our environment curtain, floats are removable and shipped separately and assembled on site.
Standard floats can be replaced with heavy floating tube at fencing / work in more exposed waters.

With our SoSilt Plus environment curtain achieved the demands of today in a workplace where various water / ground work to be performed. Whether it’s an oil spill above the water surface that may occur through leaking equipment or when it comes to stopping muddy water to spread to unwanted sites.
Contact us if you have questions and concerns how our environment drapes could help you achieve a secure environment at the water works.

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