6.3 Sjuntorp Environment Curtain Base

Durable protection for dredging and excavation, quick and easy installation.

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Sjuntorp environment curtain a durable product to prevent the spread of muddy water.

At dredging and other ground works of ports, seas and lakes are today demanding that enclose the work area to prevent the spread of muddy water that may contain toxic and hazardous substances.
Sjuntorp environment curtain (also called Siltgardin) SoSilt Base helps to effectively limit the muddy water when it is set in motion with a durable booties enveloping the float above the water surface, and the depth curtain that extends beneath the water surface and connects to the bottom.
Environmental curtain installed quickly and easily in the workplace and can be connected to the desired length.

Easy handling
Sjuntorps Environmental Curtain SoSilt Base takes up little space on delivery and well in the workplace, it can easily and quickly assembled. Buoyancy means is detachable and can be shipped separately and be reused.

Standard floats can be replaced with heavy floating tube at fencing / work in more exposed waters.


Sjuntorps SoSilt curtains available in two versions, Basic and Plus. SoSilt Plus is designed to also prevent the spread of muddy water and oil-based liquids that can leak out during dredging and other ground work. Read more Sjuntorp Environmental Curtain Plus here.

    3-4 weeks

    Fabrics  Polyester
    Coating Available with oil resistant PVC extensions. Read more here…
    Tensile strength Warp avg 70/70 N / 5 cm
    Float 100x100mm removable polyethylene floats. Cwith floating tube or personal floatation
    Ballast 9mm alt 11mm chain depending on the sanctuary
    Coupling  chain and Velcro straps with wire fuse
    Format curtain Depth:  2200/5000 mm
    Freeboard: 130 mm
    Weight  2-3 kg / m
    Delivery Length 25 alternatively 10 meter lengths