Together with our partners and customers, we help protect assets for future generations. Below is a small selection of our partners using our products both to contain oil spills and in cleanup operations. Many of our partners also pro-actively stock our products for use in their disaster recovery operations.

Some references where SOAB provided organizations and decontamination company with booms to combat accidents, and how our absorptionbooms included in the Swedish Sea Rescue Society environmental rescue effort to add a first aid on the marine environment.

Rescue services take care with the help of our SoSorb CO185 an oil spill in Borås –äpp

Swedish Rescue Service use our  absoprtionboom SoSorb CO120 in their operation to secure the area around a leaking boat-

Rescue Service in Oskarshamn and the Swedish Coast Guard help each other to secure the area around an old leaky boat with the help of our absorptionsboom SoSorb CO185 –

Swedish Coast Guard put deploy our absorptionboom SoSorb CO185 in Stockholm to contain a small leak from a ferry –

Oilspill outside Söderhamn going into the final cleanup phase-

We have since the 90´s provided Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) with both our absorptionbooms (SoSorb CO185 and SoSorb PP190) that have been placed in strategic rescue stations around Sweden

Skadeservice AB combats the majority of oil spills each year along the east coast, to absorb the oil they use our oilbooms SoSorb CO185 och SoSorb PP190 –