4.3 SoSpillBox Serie

Can be provided in various sizes. Contains absorbent material for oil and chemical. Can be tailored according to customer requirements.

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SoSpillBox Series for quick action in emergencies

The most critical moment when a discharge is to quickly take control of and contain free flowing petroleum / chemical liquid fluids and absorb the most.
SOAB have developed a Spillbox Series (XS-XL) containing various practical emergency tool that can quickly help to prevent the spread of unwanted fluids and absorb them.
We at SOAB have many different models of our SoSpillBox series that can be adjusted along your needs and situation.

Examples of our SoSpillBox Medium
Measurement Tool box LxWxH 1050x750x700 mm
Absorbs approximately 300 liters
• -50 st Absorberingsark Oil Only
• -50 st Absorberingsark Universal (for oil and chemical spills)
• -4 pc Absorbent Booms 150 x 7.5 cm (Oil-only)
• -4 pc Absorbent Booms 150 x 12 cm (Oil-only)
• -2 bags Granules 20 liters / sack ((for oil and chemical spills)
• -1 uni-safe plus 400ml (for oil and chemical spills)
• -2 few oil resistant gloves
• -1 broom
• -10 waste bags

    Delivery time: 4-8 working days