4.1 UNI-SAFE Plus

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Synthetic granules with extremely high absorption capacity enables immediate rescue operation.

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Synthetic granules with increased absorbency

UNI-SAFE Plus enables immediate rescue operation without risk. The granules UNI-SAFE PLUS form any type of dangerous reaction in combination with other substances, not even with highly reactive and oxidizing agents nitric acid, oleum, bromine, sulfuric acid or hydrogen peroxide. UNI-SAFE Plus also absorb lye without problems.
UNI-SAFE Plus has a high absorption capacity with a chemical-physical bonding, the main component of the UNI-SAFE PLUS is a polymer with a high absorption capacity, this component causes the UNI-SAFE Plus can bind liquid with a volume of up to 75 times its net weight.

UNI-SAFE Plus binds water based substances through a chemical-physical process. Physically non-water-based substances are absorbed by capillary action.


5 kg-pail: 99.95 EUR
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4000 ml package: 43.20 EUR