1.2 Absorbent Boom SoSorb CO120

Our middle absorption boom are used for containment and absorption of oil based products from the water. This product is no longer available - replaced by SoSorb PP120

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Sjuntorps medium absorption boom a product adapt for smaller pollution

  • -Has a very high absorption capacity
  • -Holds absorbed oil and is water repellent
  • -Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • -Environmentally friendly both to nature and to man
  • -Does not emit smoke or dust when handled
  • -Can be stored without any particular requirements
  • -Good buoyancy even after longer period in water
  • -Does not generate poisonous gases or residual products when incinerated
  • -Can easily be connected to any desired length

Or medium absorption boom SoSorb CO120 is used for containment of oil based products and absorb it from the water. It’s equipped with a reinforced polypropylene strip and a wear-resistant outer net which give it extra durability when deployment and retrieved. Each boom has a practical integrated quick connector function which make it quick and simple to connect the booms to desired length.

For usage inshore such as harbors, rivers, lakes and other places where oil spill can occur. The absorption booms are also used pro-actively as a precaution in areas that has higher risk for oil spills.
When the booms are used for permanent containment, the booms are replaced when needed.

This product is no longer available – replaced by SoSorb PP120

Technical specification SoSorb CO120

Weight 0,5 kg / m
Volume 0,5 cubic meter / 40 m
Diameter 120 mm
Delivery length 10m
Packing Plastic bag (40 m / bag)
Sorbent Cotton
Net Polyethylene
Stripe Polypropylen 12,5 mm, tensile strength 250 kp.
Absorption capacity
 Type Kg absorbed liquid per kg dry sorbent
Heating oil 1 19
Petrol 14
Toluene 17
Methanol 15
Trichloroethylene 25
 Does not absorb water, acids or bases

    2-4 business days – Minimum order: 120 meters