3.6 Absorbent Roll Universal 0,4x40m

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SoSorb universal absorption roll used to absorb chemicals, oils, water and other liquids.

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SoSorb Universal absorptionsrulle absorbs chemicals, oil, water and other liquids. The leaves on the roll can be used as a preventive measure where you know overflow exists, or to absorb up after an already occurred accident.
We have three different sizes of our Universal absorptionsrulle. The sorbent has a polypropylene core with an outer fine fiber layer on both sides. This construction allows the absorbent liquid is absorbed and distributed uniformly, and holds the liquid in the sheet. The outer fibrous layer allows the material has a high tear strength.

Area of use

SoSorb Universal absorption roller is ideal for use in industry, workshops, laboratories, workshops or where there is a risk of chemicals, solvents and oils can spill.

Features in brief

-High absorbency
-Don’t dust or ponds when handling
-Absorbs and retains coolants, solvents, water, and many other chemicals
-Is perforated on the length and width of more economic use
-Don’t burn, but melts when exposed to high heat.

Absorption rolle Universal 180g/m2 – SoSorb UM4040
Width in meters 0,4
Length in meters 40
Absorption in liter 110

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