3.5 Absorbent Roll Oil-Only 0,4x40m

59.50 EUR

Sorb Oil-Only absorption roller is used for absorbing the oily liquids in industries, gas stations, garages and in the water.

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SoSorb Oil-Only absorbent role available in three different sizes and models and they absorb oil-based liquids such as engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, crystal oil, diesel, gasoline, while rejecting water.

The sorbent has a polypropylene core with an outer fine fiber layer on both sides. This construction allows the absorbent liquid is absorbed and distributed uniformly, and holds the liquid in the sheet. The outer fibrous layer makes the material has a high tear strength. Absorptionsrullen are perforated in both length and width, allowing a more sparingly and economic use.


– Absorb and contain oils and oil-based fluids, including lubricants, fuels, without absorbing water
– Absorbs about 10-12 times its own weight
– Is perforated length and width of more economical use
– Bright white color makes the oil easier to see, pay attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response
– Smoke or dust when handling
– Thats not, but melts when exposed to high heat on the job

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