4.2 Diamix granule

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Ideal for all types of industries and roads where oil spill needs to be absorbed.

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A versatile absorbent for effective decontamination of oils, solvents and chemicals

In order to absorb the oil after a spill, we recommend DIAMIX which is a mineral-based granules.

DIAMIX is versatile absorber and is effective in the remediation of oils, fats, water, solvents, chemicals and other liquids on solid surfaces. It absorbs the oil before the water.

This granule is Type III R approved by the MPA which means it for use on public roads, and it emits no married gases, and it has a very low dust tendency.

Deposit: Diamix can be deposited as bulky waste but after absorption of hazardous liquids shall be disposed of as directed by local environmental authorities.

Content 100% kalcinerad and minced diatomit.
Weight 10kg/20kg
Standard packaging 4 8 bags/ pall (10 kg), 50 bags/pall (20 kg), 10 liters hink
Absorptionscapcity ca 1 liter oil/1 liter granulat
Other Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

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