1.4 Absorbent Boom SoSorb PP190

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Our large boom made of polypropylene and used for contain and absorb oil based products from the water.

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Efficient and economical boom to contain and absorb petroleum based spills on water

Sjuntorps absorptionboom SoSorb PP190 is made of hydrophobic polypropylene fibers that absorb petroleum-based products quickly and has an excellent absorbent capacity and a very long duration in water regardless weather conditions.
SoSorb PP190 is equipped with a reinforced polypropylene stripe and a durable outer net that provide extra durability when deployed and retrieved.

Each boom has a handy integrated quick-release function, making it quick and easy to connect multiple booms to any desired length.


-Oleophilic – Absorbs oil, not water
-Hydrophobic – Repels and does not absorb water
-Retain absorbed oil
-Easy to handle when deploy and retrieve
-Don’t dust
-Can be stored without any special requirements
-Excellent buoyancy even after long periods in water and when the booms are saturated
-Booms length can be customized based on client situation and purpose (standard length 25m)
-Multiple booms can easily be connected together to form a longer protective barrier

Area of use

Used to contain and absorb oil based bases in offshore, inshore, rivers and streams. The boom is used in emergency and permanent demarcation where the risk of oil spills. They can also be used to contain and absorb large industrial hydrocarbon spills on land.

Technical specification SoSorb PP190
Weight 1,2 kg / m
Volume 0,5 cubic meter / 25 m
Diameter 190 mm
Delivery length 25 m (can be ordered in any desired length)
Packing Plastic bag (25 m / bag)
Sorbent Polypropylene
Net Polyethylene
Stripe Polypropylene 12,5 mm, tensile strength 250 kp.

2-4 business days – Minimum order: 100 meter