5.6 Double Chamber Tube

The easy dual chamber tub is a modern and simple barrier against unwanted liquid flows on land.

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The easy double chamber tube is a modern barrier against unwanted fluid flows
The need to close or control the flow of contaminated water, hazardous liquids or unusually high flow, is a common problem for the fire service and industrial companies. Shafts of sandbags are rarely effective.
With dual chamber tube is the basic idea to utilize the water flow own weight to make a safe and tight dam. The double cams prevent the tube from rolling away and work successfully under physics own laws. Double chamber tube can also be used as a temporary dam or storage of water or contaminated liquids.
Double chamber tube is simple, requires little staff, is quick to install and effective all different types of terrain, including water. The tube is made of very strong polyethylene, resistant to snags and chemicals.
The larger pipe diameter is 40 cm, the smaller is 20 cm.

Small system and minimal storage

The system requires minimal storage space. The entire unit weighs in its original location less than 100 kg, making the new system ideal for all emergency personnel, especially in the fire service.
The use of land
Double chamber tube is a mobile system to control and manage the flow of firefighting water now become a reality! Even hazardous liquids and contaminants can be suppressed, regardless of terrain and environment. The system requires only two people to operate. Since the dual-chamber tube only need to be cut to the required length, it is also cost effective.
When the required length of tube has been rolled out for use, is left remaining material on the roll. If the dual-chamber tube would have to be extended, or formed into a circle, put simply tube two ends over each other and clips with terminal strip.


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