2.5 Universal Boom SoSorb

29.95 EUR

Reusable portable skirt to attach to absorption booms for containment and absorption in all weathers.

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Sjuntorp Universal Containment Boom, to contain and absorb in harsh weather conditions

Sjuntorp universal containment boom has a very simple design that is made for quick and easy on / off mounting on a absorptionsboom. This is to achieve a shelter where no oleaginous fluids released past regardless of weather conditions.
The universal containment boom is made of a lightweight polyester fabric which is treated PVC making it resistant to the most liquids, which allows it to be reused. The universal containment boom  is equipped with velcro strap that allows you to easily enclose absorptionsboom with and even velcro band interconnecting multiple devices into one. To connect multiple sections to a device also used two pieces cabin hooks fuse. When absorptionsboom is saturated loosen the velcro straps and replace absorptionsboom with a new one.

Fabric Polyesterfabric
Coating PVC
Tensile strength Varp medelv 1700/1500 N/5 cm
Ballast 7mm chain
Connection velcro straps with cabin hook
Format Skirt: 250 mm
Screen: 170 mm
Weight C:a 0,5 kg / m
Delivery length 10m / 25m

    10-15 Business days