Fire extinguishers containing a synthetic granulate with extremely high absorption capacity allowing for the immediate rescue operation.

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The use of UNI-SAFE Plus Jet (which functions as a conventional fire extinguisher) has proven to be a fast and convenient way to cover and embed an emissions into the smallest corners and inaccessible places.
Simple Disposal
Dealing with UNI-SAFE Plus with the absorbed mixture of hazardous substances and binders is simple and harmless.
The granules can be swept, shoveled, sucked up or pumped away.
The use of street sweepers has proven effective and functional.
Proper disposal of UNI-SAFE Plus naturally depends on the type of hazardous substances are bound in the granules.
UNI-SAFE Plus is a common denominator in all emergencies!
This applies everywhere and for everyone, where hazardous chemicals are used. Even for non-professional personnel. With UNI-SAFE Plus at hand, you minimize the risk of damage to people, materials and the environment through a quick, safe handling of toxic substances. In addition, without time-consuming and expensive tests (tests are already made).

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