3.3 Absorbent Roll Oil-Only 0,8x40m

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For absorption of oil based products in industries, workshops and in water.

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Absorbent rolls for less waste in industries and workshops

SoSorb Oil Only absorbent roll absorbs oil-based products while rejecting water . The roll removes oil from water and can be used in tight spaces where oil fluids may occur.

The sorbent has a polypropylene core with a fine outer fiber layers on both sides. This construction allows the absorbent liquid is absorbed and distributed uniformly , and holds the liquid in the sheet. The outer fibrous layer makes the material has a high tear strength.

Application area

Used in water and on land, is ideal for use as a preventive measure where dripping/leaking machinery and vehicles available. When used for the absorption of oily liquids in water flowing leaves even when saturated .

-100 % polypropylene which is covered with a fine fiber layer on both sides. This layer prevents the sheet can be torn , frayed or chafing even when the blade is saturated
– Absorbs up to 25 times its own weight
– Pitted pattern that increases the rate of absorption of fluid throughout the material
– Absorbing and retaining oils and oil-based fluids, including lubricants, fuels , without absorbing water
– Free floating on the water without absorbing water
– Bright white color makes the oil easier to see , pay attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response
– Fumes or dust when handling
– Thats not but melt when exposed to high heat on the job
– Does not release any toxic gases

Product Information

Lenght in meter: 80
Width in cm: 40
Absorption in liter: 220
Pads per role: 200

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