1.3 Absorbent Boom SoSorb CO75

5.50 EUR

Made of cotton fibers and is a product designed for small leaks that may occur around the equipment in industries, workshops or in boats.

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  • High absorption capacity
  • Retains absorbed oil and water repellent
  • Environmentally against both nature and man
  • Don’t dust or ponds when handling
  • Can be stored without special requirements on local

Our smallest absorptionboom contains the same sorbent material as our most popular absorptionboom SoSorb CO185. The boom is easy to shape due to its stretchable and durable outer shell. The standard length is 150 cm, but can be ordered as required.

Usage area

The absorptionboom is intended for absorbing and shielding where oil based fluids leaked. For example, used in boats, on industrial floors around leaking machines, ditches, streams and wells.

3-5 business days – Minimum order: 50 meters