Sjuntorps Slitgardin for a cleaner and safer environment during dredging of lages and seas

At dredging and excavation of harbors, lakes and seas are today demanding that enclose the work area, this is to prevent the spread of muddy water that may contain toxic and hazardous substances.

Environmental curtains, also called Siltgardiner helps prevent the spread of muddy water with a depth textile cloth filter the water, such as may contain hazardous sediments.

Sjuntorp’s SoSilt series offers several standard models which can be further customized based on the customer’s situation and mission. Our SoSilt Plus model also provides protection for the possible spread of oily liquids.

All models are efficient and easy to use and are made of durable material that can be reused for other assignments.

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  • Containment Booms

    The first step in an oil spill accident is always limiting. Oilbooms are used primarily to prevent the spread and limit the spread of a possible oil spill. There are several different models of oilbooms and accessories that are designed along the different environments and conditions.

  • Absorbent Booms

    Absorbent booms is a very efficient tool, either by working by it self, or as a complement to a oilboom booms. Absorbent booms helps you to contain free flowing oil-based liquid and absorb it from the water. We work with two types of sorbents, polypropylene or cotton.

  • Spill Products

    To prevent spread of oilbased and chemical liquids in unwanted places like drains, industries, streams and roads that could be associated with major health and accident risks, there are today a wide range of products designed to create a safer and down environmentally friendly workplace.

  • Environment Curtains

    At dredging and other ground works of ports, seas and lakes there are today required to enclose the work area to prevent the spread of muddy water that may contain toxic and hazardous substances. Siltcurtains purpose is to screen of and prevent the spread of the muddy water.