2.1 Containment Boom 530

49.95 EUR

Flexible portable fenceboom ideal for containment of oil spill in calmer water in harbors, lakes and rivers.

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Portable oilboom for quick and effective containment

Oil Containment Boom 530 is an unsinkable light weight boom that is made of highly durable oil-resistant material. It has a simple construction that makes it easy to deploy and retrieve the oilboom with minimum manpower. 530 could quick and easy be connected to any desired length, via the integrated clamps and chain cable.

530 provides quick and effective protection against  oil contamination in calmer waters, for example, at docks, in rivers and in lakes. This product is well suited to permanent containment, and it could be provided with custom prints, such as logos, advertisement or other desired text.

Containment boom 530 could also be made with an polyester stripe for improve the strength.

Technical specification
Tensile strength4000/4000 N/5 cm
FloatsClosed polyethylene cells
BallastGalvanized chain cables
ConnectorsClamps with wire locks
FormatDraft: 300 mm
 Freeboard: 230 mm
WeightC:a 2,2 kg / m
Standard length10 m

3-5 business days – when order 50 meter or less.