Protect assets for future generations


First action in spill response operations.

When an oil spill occurs, every minute is critical in containing the extent of the damage

SOAB absorption boom

Help protect your economic and material worth

Our Products

Prevent damage in lakes, rivers or at sea

Precision and reliability

Coupled with competitive prices is what distinguishes us and our products.

SOAB spill products

For large and small pollutions. In water and on land.

Every minute is vital.

With more than 6000 meter of absorption of booms in stock we are allways ready to deliver



A selection of our products

1.5 Absorbent Boom SoSorb PP120

Our middle absorptionboom are made of polypropylene and used for contain and absorb oil based products from the water

7.60 EUR

3.5 Absorbent Roll Oil-Only 0,4x40m

Sorb Oil-Only absorption roller is used for absorbing the oily liquids in industries, gas stations, garages and in the water.

59.50 EUR

2.2 Containment Boom 1030

Robust boom with simple construction for containment in harsher climates, offshore or inshore.

72.95 EUR

3.2 Absorbent Pads Universal Heavy

For absorption of chemicals, oils, water and other liquids in industries.

59.50 EUR


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